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At, we manufacture and sell the highest-quality privacy filters in the United States.

Thousands of businesses around the world now trust our high-quality privacy filters to safeguard against security breaches. With a privacy filter attached to your screen, the only person who can see your display is you, while strangers, competitors, and even your co-workers will only see a black screen, as if your computer is turned off.

Visual hacking is real and, unfortunately, the majority of global companies spend millions protecting their digital data yet fail to detect visual hacking in their office environment. Unprotected screens are exposing sensitive business information, while ‘shoulder-surfing’ is aimed at people who use their devices in public places, like parks, airports, and on public transport. It’s here that, by simply looking at an unprotected screen, hackers can (and do) collect credentials and other sensitive information.

Privacy filters are the ideal solution for safeguarding your sensitive information, whether you are a professional, traveller, healthcare provider, financial institution, or a student. Privacy filters have become an absolute necessity today in open-plan offices, where visitors, employees, and contractors have easy access to your screen.


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