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Does a Privacy Filter reduce Glare?

What is Glare?

Let us comprehensively understand what glare actually is before we proceed any further with privacy filters and their ability to reduce glare.

To keep things extremely simple, a visual sensation that is caused by uncontrolled and excessive brightness is known as glare. Everyone experiences glare on a daily basis, and people are well and truly aware that sometimes glare can be remarkable displeasing and uncomfortable for their eyes.

People who are older are prone to having more discomfort and pain from glare due to their old age. People have varying sensitivities towards glare. Some people are extremely sensitive while there are others who aren’t as sensitive. However, having less sensitivity does not mean that you shouldn’t try to avoid it at all costs as regular exposure to glare has the tendency to cause significant damage to your eyes.

There are basically two types of glares; namely direct glare and indirect glare. Both are equally dangerous and should be refrained from. Following are some examples of direct and indirect glares.

  • Reflection of sand, water, snow or sunshine.
  • Rearview headlights and headlights from traffic
  • Darker rooms receiving direct daylight through the windows
  • The sun or any other light reflecting shiny or reflective objects that a person’s eyes are pointed toward. For example, the mirror, whiteboard, windows or the computer screen.

There are countless other examples of glares, both direct and indirect. However, for the purpose of this topic, we will now delve into glare and their relation to privacy filters.

Do Privacy Filters reduce Glare?

This is the question most people have been asking ever since privacy filters have become popular. Sure there are anti-glare screens available for almost any gadget, but imagine having a privacy filter that does not only secure your data but could also reduce or eliminate glare as well.

So, the short answer to the question is yes; privacy filters do have the ability to reduce glares. However, not all of the privacy filters have been equipped with the anti-glare feature. This is why you should especially ask and find out if the privacy filter you are buying has the anti-glare feature or not.

Since we have already established that there are anti-glare privacy filters available on the market, choosing them is a no-brainer. People of this day and age sit in front of their computer screens and use their cellular phones for most part of the day. In fact, using these devices has become a necessity.

So, why not choose a privacy screen that will remarkably reduce strain from your eyes by protecting them from glare?


Privacy filters have proven to reduce glare should the filter be coated with anti-glare properties. Not all filters offer this feature so make sure you purchase one that does.

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