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GDPR and why Buying Privacy Filters is a Smart Idea

People have always shown concerns regarding their privacy. Since virtually everything is available on the internet, concerns have been increasing on a daily basis. No one wants others to have access to their personal data. The power balance has never been on the side of the consumers and has always remained on the side of big multinational and public companies.

However, 2018 is where all of it changes as far as Europe is concerned, and the balance shifts towards the side of the customers for a change. The European governments have enforced a privacy law that will make sure that personal data is handled and collected in a strict and regulated manner. The law or rule is known as GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

This rule will ensure that no personal data is collected without the consent of the consumer.

How does GDPR work?

Unlike before, users will not be forced to sign up or click yes and give information to every website. Through this law, the users will be within their rights to question the online strategies of websites and companies that relate to their privacy.

Every company will have to be concise and clear about their plans and their use and collection of personal data. GDPR will ensure that the lines of communication between the consumers are not blurred and everything is in black and white.

There are twenty eight countries that are members of the European Union and are covered by the GDPR law. The real purpose of this law is for people to know that they are only under scrutiny where it is essential and no unnecessary surveillance is being done like in countless other countries outside Europe.

Buying Privacy is a Smart Idea

With the countless incidents relating to online malice we have seen throughout the year, it seems to be a no-brainer to make sure that you have complete privacy to your internet’s domain.

There are several other reasons why you should consider privatizing your computer’s information. We will discuss some of these reasons down below.

  • Even though domain hijacking isn’t as prevalent as it used to be a few years ago, there are a few skilled people who still have the expertise to hijack any domain with relative ease.
  • People have a plethora of personal data present on their computers and phones. Personal data in the wrong hands can make any one’s life extremely difficult.
  • The people of this day and age receive countless solicitation calls and messages on a day to day basis. The reason for this is that they have made their information available on the internet. Privatizing it will ensure that you are free from any unnecessary solicitation.
  • Buying internet privacy will ensure that your emails are free from dangerous spams.


The privacy law is every person’s dream come true as people in Europe are now finally in charge of their privacy but can be seen as a burden for businesses.

GDPR doesn’t force companies to buy privacy filters but it is advisable to take all preventive measure to ensure that sensitive private information doesn’t get shared without consent and the business fined in case of a privacy leak.

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