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Can You Cut a Privacy Filter?

A common question regarding privacy filters a lot of people ask is, “can a privacy filter be cut?

The short answer is yes, they can be cut. There are several incidents when people buy privacy filters that are larger than their screens. A common solution that comes to mind is trimming the privacy filter down to the size of your screen.

You need to be extremely careful when cutting or resizing the filter. Pin-to-point precision is necessary, and anything less than that will result in damaging your privacy filter quality as well as aesthetics. The reason why we are urging you to be extremely careful is because some privacy filters are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged if they are in the wrong hands.

An important tip to keep in mind while cutting privacy filters, is to make sure that you use light hands. People often use stiff hands thinking that they’ll get better accuracy.

In case you did not already know, soft louvered film layers squeezed in between two outer layers that are relatively harder are what a privacy filter consists of. You have to be very specific in choosing tools for trimming your privacy filter down. Do not use any tools other than what we have mentioned below:

  • A utility knife
  • A straight edge knife
  • A measuring tool

These tools are all you would require for cutting a privacy filter down.

Instructions for cutting a privacy filter

First of all, use your measuring tool to find out the length you are willing to trim down. Measure the length from both sides just to be a hundred percent sure. As soon as you determine the length, get hold of your utility knife and guide it across the filter a few times with a light hand. Make sure you use a marker to draw a line on the part that you are planning to trim.

Take your time to cut through the material and don’t try to cut it in just one go. Snapping the filter would not help as well. People often get tired after guiding the knife for a few minutes, so once they think that the filter is weak enough they attempt to snap it, breaking the filter altogether. A wise thing to do before beginning to cut the filter is to stick it down by using some adhesive tape.

Make sure you cut the filter down equally from both sides so that you do not have any problem mounting the filter. Clean the filter prior to and after cutting it to remove any residue.


Take extreme care while cutting the privacy filter because once these filters receive a single scratch, their warranty will be voided, making them completely useless.


In this article, we have discussed the topic of cutting down privacy filters. Not only that, we have also given you comprehensive instructions on trimming the privacy filters as well.

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