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How to Install a Privacy Filter?

Installing privacy filters is extremely easy and can virtually be done by anyone. There are essentially three different types of attachments that most privacy filters come with. They are the following.

  • The mounting tabs
  • The double sided adhesive
  • Magnetic and nano suction attachment

These are the most efficient and commonly found attachments on privacy filters. Once you learn about these attachments, you will soon realize that privacy filters were made keeping the consumer’s convenience and ease in mind. Let us discuss all of these attachments in a little detail.

1. The Mounting Tabs

Mounting tabs are the easiest form of attachment you can find in privacy filters. You will require no more than three to five minutes to get the job done. All you would have to do is to start by removing the protective films on the tabs and attach them to the side of your screen.

There isn’t any sticky residue present on these films, so you are virtually guaranteed that your computer screen will remain neat and tidy once you remove the privacy filter.

Once you remove the protective film, carefully attach it to the frame of your monitor. Make sure that you do not tilt the filter or attach it sideways.

An advisable thing to do would be to measure your monitor’s frame before mounting the privacy filter. Finally, complete your installation by sliding the filter between the tab and the screen.

2. The Double Sided Adhesive

he double sided adhesive are specifically designed for people who do not plan on removing their privacy filters from their computer screen.

Installing the double sided tab is relatively simple as you will simply need to expose the strips by peeling them off and attach both ends to the back of your computer screen. Once you are done attaching the filter to your screen, remove the protective tape on top of it and press the filter lightly against the screen to make sure it attaches properly

3. Nano Suction & magnetic Attachments

These attachments fit any device seamlessly because of their sleek design. The nano suction attachment (recommended) makes sure that all you have to do is bring the filter in close proximity to your device’s screen and filter will latch itself onto the screen with ease. It is as easy to detach these filters as it is easy to attach them.

Magnetic filters can also be removed and reattached easily but due to the fact the the filter contains magnets it may lead to permanent damage of your computer due to its electromagnetic field.


Privacy screens offer a lot of versatility to the users in terms of privacy and protection. With versatility comes the ease of installation, which makes the privacy filters a must-have for everyone.

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