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Do Privacy Filters Reduce Eye Strain?

Privacy filters have been gaining popularity on a daily basis and virtually everyone who owns a laptop or personal computer has a privacy filter.

A common question people ask regarding eye filters is whether or not they reduce eye strain. The simple answer to that question is yes, privacy filters do reduce eye strain significantly.

Here is how…

Anti-glare in Privacy Filters

Privacy filters can have anti-glare feature, which means that your eyes do not have to bear the unnecessary strain that it normally would from cell phones and other screens. A lot of people are often concerned with screens and try to refrain from them as much as they can.

This is because the common belief is that spending too much time in front of screens can cause severe damage to your eyes. These claims are true, and there are countless cases where people who spent too much time staring at screens have weak eyesight. Although people have started resorting to lenses and glasses, they still don’t provide enough protection for your eyes.

This is where the privacy filters step in; the privacy filters did not have the anti-glare function during its infancy. However, as time went by more advanced and sophisticated designs started to come up and eventually privacy filters with the anti-glare functions were introduced.

With the anti-glare your eyes will not have to bear the unnecessary stress of the reflection of sun lights, bulbs, and tube lights in your room. The anti-glare function ensures that your eyes see nothing but the screen of your computer or laptop. Not only does the presence of the anti-glare function mean that your eyes are protected from reflective lights, but they will also be shielded from the harmful rays that computer screens pass on.

You will be relieved to find out that the anti-glare in privacy filters also have antistatic and anti-radiation properties making them a safe bet for any screen. You will not need to worry about any kind of external light source damaging your eyes with the presence of anti-glare screens.

Anti-Blue Light in Privacy Filters

Are you are wondering what does the blue light function in privacy filters does. It simply protects our eyes from harmfull blue light, which is highly dangerous for our eyes. Blue light is also referred to as high energy visible light (HEV).

High abundance of blue light is found in tablets, mobile phones, televisions and laptops. Severe health issues such as insomnia and deterioration of eyes is heavily linked to blue light. Therefore, it would only make sense to get hold of privacy filters for your screens as they would make sure that your eyes are protected from blue lights and glare at all times.

In this day and age it is impossible to avoid screens for lengthy periods; therefore, privacy filters prove to be the one stop shop for all of your needs be them privacy related or related to eye protection.


Privacy filters have evolved greatly in a relatively short period and have made viewing screens for lengthy periods extremely safe. These screens are efficient as they have the all in one function of providing protection to your eyes and privacy to your screen.

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