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What are Privacy Filters?

What a privacy filter does is to help users protect their private and confidential information. When you use a computer privacy filter or a privacy filter, you can rest assured of being the only one seeing your screen. So, it comes handy when you are using your computer in public places like offices, coffee shop, bus, train, and airport.

Sensitive data abounds in several places, including the banking, insurance, finance, and trade resources, as well as in medical examination rooms. Such data requires 100% protection from unauthorized persons, and using privacy filters can ensure this. Also, government officials use privacy filters to keep sensitive operations confidential. Homeowners are not left out in the use of computer privacy filter too, as well as other individuals that prioritize the confidentiality of their sensitive information.

How do Privacy Filters work?

When you have a computer privacy filter on your screen, it decreases the viewing angle. This ensures that only the person sitting right in front of the computer screen can view the contents on the screen, irrespective of how many people are sitting close to the screen. So, you can be sure of your privacy, even when people are sitting, standing, or walking close to your computer screen. The best they would see is a blacked-out screen or an unclear image. 

Types of Privacy Filters

You will find different types of privacy filters out there. However, the commonly used types are;

  • Laptop and MacBook Privacy Filters
  • Monitor Privacy Filters
  • iPhone Privacy Filters
  • Tablet privacy Filter

How to Install a Privacy Filter?

You can easily fix and detach privacy filters, and it is designed to fit precisely into the bezel for widescreen and regular screens. There are two options for installing a computer privacy filter. First, you fix it to your screen permanently with the aid of transparent sticky tape. Second, you can use clips or brackets that attach to the monitor, which allows the easy sliding in and out of the filter. For MacBook screens, we use a patented technology that uses suction tape to fit the filter and detach the filter easily, without leaving any obvious sign.

Why should you use a Privacy Filter?

Your computer privacy filter offers exclusive privacy for your screen. But that is not all: it minimizes the computer screen glare and radiations, safeguards your sensitive intellectual property, and ensures that you do not suffer headaches due to prolonged computer use. Furthermore, it keeps you safe from Presbyopia – an eye condition that weakens your eye muscles protects your eyes from blue light radiation, and make your computer screen anti-scratch and free from dust and abrasions.

Privacy Protection 

You definitely want to maintain the confidentiality of all personal and sensitive information on your computer, and a computer privacy filter can help you to achieve this. Although the primary responsibility of guarding against intruders lies with you, you can count on a computer privacy filter to keep all images and texts on your computer screen away from prying eyes of people. This is even more important if you use your computer in public places or shared office space. 

So, you can complement your privacy efforts with the extra privacy provided by a computer privacy filter. Fortunately, it is affordable and straightforward to use. 

Antiglare Protection 

Most computer users are faced with the issue of monitor-glare. However, with the presence of a computer privacy filter, your screen is covered with an antiglare coating that improves your viewing experience and protects your sight, whether in sunlight or other antiglare conditions.

Screen Protection 

You can ensure that your computer screen is immune to fingerprints, smudges, dust, and scratches by fixing a computer privacy screen on it.

Anti-Blue Light Protection

Your screen usually radiates a considerable amount of blue light when in use, and this can affect your eyes. However, with a good computer privacy filter, your eyes are protected from these dangerous light rays.

Cheap and Effective 

You will hardly find a more affordable and more effective option of protecting the sensitive information present in your computer from prying eyes. With as low as $19.99, you can get a good privacy filter for your screen. They are available in different sizes, including widescreen formats, so you can be sure of getting the right size for your device’s screen. And their use doesn’t come with any side effects.

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